Triops was founded 10 years ago, on August 21st 2006. In its core are Esteban Zarikian, Jose Caiazzo, Carlos Vollbracht and Keyla Morales who are well known throughout Latin America for their amazing work and experience. We are a young, dynamic company, that create competitive advantages for our clients by leveraging the latest technologies in the conception and execution of agile IT and development solutions. We accomplish this by being always ahead of the wave, getting involved in the development and testing of new products from companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Netapp, VMWare, Google and Apple, and by working hand-by-hand in the design and development of new solutions for different industries like Hospitality/Travel, Banking/Insurance and Education. By doing this we can approach the customers' requirements from different multidisciplinary points of view and become a trusted advisor for their technical and business needs.

     Triops expanded its operations to South Florida in 2010, to support its customers in the region and to build a direct relationship with manufacturers and partners in the US. Since then we have been importing the majority of the hardware we sell in South America from our warehouse in Miami, and gained some important customers in different industries.